Friday, February 11, 2011

Homeschooling. Seriously? Starting to make the decision....

I am planning on homeschooling our oldest child next year.

There - I said it.  Forgive the fact that it may not really be true, because I have not actually made the decision yet.  I just need to say it out loud and live with it for awhile, in a place where no one is judging me (because at this point, no one is reading this :)

I have so much information and so many thoughts and ideas and resources to sort through that my plan is to try to make sense of it all here. 

My first goal is to make some headway on the pile of books sitting next to me that I have been meaning to get into.  I'll chronicle my thoughts as I go.  I'm going to start with the broader, philosophical books before I get into the nuts and bolts of planning this crazy endeavor.  I need to wrap myself up with the deep, intellectual pedagogy for a while so I have a good foundation, before I get too involved in the planning.

So, here is the Phase I book list:
1.  Since I am not concerned at all that Jackson might fall behind academically, I want to start by thinking about how I might facilitate his overall growth.

2.  I am *so* intrigued by the Waldorf method.  Whenever I read about or see examples of Waldorf practices, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling.  I believe in trusting that.  This book seems a little heavy - I had hoped for something more practical and this seems *very* philosophical.  Again, though, I'm trying to develop a strong, knowledgeable foundation. 

3.  A classical education approach almost seems like the anti-Waldolf approach.  Definitely no warm fuzzies here, but I like that it is a complete plan with a beginning, middle and end and accountability for successes.

I'll post my thoughts on these books as I make my way through them and start to develop my approach...if I'm going to have an approach eventually someday, that is.

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